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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions we receive about Indigo Design Reboot.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please email us at or ask for our help in our Live Chat at the bottom of the page.

key dates

When does the event run?
It opened to visitors on Thu 21st May 2020 and closed on Fri 12th Jun 2020. That is 22 days.

Who are the attendees of the event?

  • Digital designers from all over the world, including agencies, companies, freelancers, and students
  • Potential clients interested in hiring design companies or freelancers


Is the event free?
The event is 100% free to attend as a visitor. For exhibitors, there is a cost associated, click here to find out more info.

Is there a physical event component?
No, this is purely a virtual event, that arose from the COVID-19 lockdown that most of the world experienced.

What is the target market of the event?
Anyone who participates in the Digital Design industry is welcome to attend. This event is mainly focused on channel partners although an end-user element will be present.

how the site works

Do any companies get preferential treatment?
We randomize the order of the exhibitors, people, and categories so that big and small alike each get an equal amount of time at the top of the web pages. Every company is treated equally.

How do I become an exhibitor?
You can fill out this form, and someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly. Once we send you an invitation email to join our platform, you will get access to our system where you can start filling out your stand and pay for your participation.

What are the benefits of having an exhibition stand?
Like most conferences and expos, there are numerous benefits from being an exhibition stand-holder. We detail these on the exhibitor registration page found here.

What countries can participate in the event?
Indigo Design Reboot is an international exhibition platform, so design agencies from all over the world can exhibit.

Do exhibitors receive leads from the event?
Yes, every person that enters the event registers their email address. Then when they interact with your exhibition stand or content, that will be recorded as a lead.
Our exhibitors will receive leads, basic stats about clicks, interactions, and their stand performance.
Every visitor is asked to provide their email address before getting access to the exhibition stands. We have made it easy for the visitors to access the expo, yet we cannot provide any guarantees about the leads. Some of them may include competitors, suppliers, or fake leads although we are working hard to attract the right audience to the Reboot.

Can I have multiple exhibition stands?
You can have multiple exhibition stands if you represent several design agencies/firms.

Running your exhibition stand

Can I upload my content to the exhibition stand?
Yes, the person that sets up your exhibition stand has access to a self-service portal, which enables them to upload content easily.

What can be uploaded to our exhibition stand?
You can add images (like logos & photos), links, job announcements, and videos to your stand. This is done through your self-service portal.

Can I add multiple people to my exhibition stand?
There is no limit on the number of employees who are uploaded to your exhibition stand. These people then show on the homepage and under the people tab. The uploading process is really simple and done through our self-service portal. The login details are provided to the person who set up your stand.

Who should I contact with my additional questions?
We would love to hear from you, don't hesitate to contact us via: