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SunDesign Brand&design (beijing)

Sun Design is a "full service design company"

Sun Design is a design and consulting company that emphasizes the importance of art design in life. His work has won multiple design awards in Europe, Oceania, Asia and the United States.

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SunDesign Brand&design (beijing) people

Sun Jian

Artistic Director
Responsible for the company’s design quality management, company operations and business negotiations.

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SunDesign Brand&design (beijing) jobs

Chief Designer

a Full time position in
Beijing, China

1. Lead the team in creative thinking;
2. Control the quality of creativity;
3. Efficiently execute creative solutions.

Job requirements

1. Design background, with strategic thinking and creative management skills;
2. Independently led the team and produced successful marketing campaign cases;
3. Love creativity and understand the world's top creativity;
4. Those who have won international creative competition awards are preferred;
5. Fearless to innovate, eager to innovate, dissatisfied with their past works;
6. Have an insight into human nature and be curious about the world.