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Café is a socially-conscious and award-winning information design studio working in data visualization projects world-wide.

We combine design and technology to drive change by conceptualizing, designing, developing and delivering interactive data visualizations tools, data-driven dashboards, infographics and websites for partners and projects that are tackling the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our work educates, advocates, questions and entertains.

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Café people

Leandro Amorim

Partner and Creative Director

Erlan Carvalho

Partner and Senior Designer

Henrique Ilidio

Partner and Senior Designer

Guilherme Lobo

Senior Creative Developer

Alexandre Andrada


André Hanauer


Pedro Rodrigues


Mayara Teixeira

Junior Designer

Erico Rosa

Partner and Senior Creative Developer

Luana Medeiros

Project Manager

Café videos

2020 Reel

Awards 2018-2020